NC 28.0.2 - OnlyOffice crashes

Build in OnlyOffice doesnt work anymore after upgrading from 27.1.6 to 28.0.2.

Nothing has changed on my server.

Patch suggested at github doesnt work either.

@vantino in my point of view, onlyoffice server (and collabora office) provided by nextcloud apps is not the best option for production (using the service every day due to a lot of bug that can occurs)
This app is more to test onlyoffice without making the whole installation process for having a real server production.

The only advantage is that it allows people who pay for a hosting service to avoid having to subscribe to a second server

if you want a better option for this service, you can install the official server if you host on your own : Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs for Debian, Ubuntu, and derivatives - ONLYOFFICE

I just saw that the github post is on the wrong editor.
it’s not Onlyoffice that maintains the document server application but nextcloud themselves. After taking a look at the right page, it seems that someone has made a fix: Add nextcloud 28 support by WhoAmI0501 · Pull Request #311 · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub

if you want a bit of story about this app and collaboration between nextcloud and onlyoffice team : File changes are shown in OnlyOffice but don't appear in Files app · Issue #12 · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub

Thanks for the link, will try it.

However, onlyoffice on our nc server works for years now and is definately appriceated by our users.

And I do not understand why a new version suddenly no longer support it and no developer tested it.

As I have learned software needs to be backward compatible and I have been very angry with my stuff once they violate this principle.

But thats just my take …

@vantino As said in the latest link shared, there was a slight disagreement between nextcloud and onlyoffice team when they collaborate due to onlyoffice strategy.
Now this app is only maintained by nextcloud like a fork of onlyoffice document server but this app is most like a ghost now because this is not a priority for nextcloud team.

if you want a real, stable solution. I suggest you install the standalone or docker onlyoffice document server (maintained by onlyoffice)

Currently, the version of onlyoffice (provided by the nextcloud app) is 7.2.2 but the latest versions of onlyoffice document sever is 8.0.0 (released 2 days ago)

Thanks for the link, the patch works and it feels like an performance improvement either.

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