NC 27.0.2 does not see gmp on php8.2 even though installed

I am getting the error message, that the gmp-module is not enabled.

  • Ubuntu 18.04.6
  • php 8.2
  • NC 27.0.2

gmp is loaded when querrying php -m
and also the info.php querrying the webmodules shows the gmp module.
when I check the administrative settings it claims it has not been enabled.
php8.2-gmp has been installed.

Anyone got an idea why this is?

This error has only popped up ever since I moved php over to 8.2
I have tried to enable the module in the php.ini with the result that querrying would complain about a douplicate enablement:
[PHP Warning: Module “gmp” is already loaded in Unknown on line 0]

Anyone got any ideas?