NC 27.0.1 Files app via Web Browser. Rich workspaces BUG

Nextcloud 27.0.1

I’m happy you fixed the broken favorite links. However, I noticed another bug with files app when displaying the text panel at the top of a folder.

To replicate:

  1. Click on a favorites link from left panel. It displays the folders in the right panel. Now click on any folder that has a file (may have to go down a level or 2) and rich workspaces displays the contents of the readme in the panel above the folders as it should. This part works fine.
  2. Now here’s the bug. Click on any other favorites link in left hand panel. The folders in the right panel update to display the new folders, but the rich workspace continues to display the readme of the previously clicked favorite link in the top panel. It should go away when clicking another favorite link.
  3. Continue to click on any other favorite link and the rich workspace panel above the folders doesn’t change. It’s still the same one from the first favorite link clicked.

The only way to remove the readme rich workspace of the first folder clicked is to click on one of the folders in right panel or click a link in the breadcrumbs bar above it.

For bug reports, please use Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub

a screenshot or small video can help to demonstrate the problem

I’ve just reported the bug :