NC 25.0.7: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version ">= 8.0.0"

I did the minor update
NC 25.0.6 → NC 25.0.7
with the web based updater.

System is Ubuntu 20.04 with PHP 7.4

Now NC does not work any more, I get the error:
Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version ">= 8.0.0".

I am well aware that from NC 26 on a newer PHP Version is required, but I DID NOT expect that error on NC 25.

I post this mainly as a warning, if anyone plans to update to NC 25.0.7 and has still PHP 7.4

I know that now I have to now have to upgrade PHP to access my server again - feels a bit like a hostage situation.

I upgraded to PHP8.2 (not recommeded, couldn’t access NC and the updater afterwards).

With lots of help from ChatGPT4 I could get all missing PHP modules installed and update to NC 26 finally via the CLI updater.

Really unpleasant experience, really dirty.

I operate NC for 5 years and never had such a bad experience with updates, I always trusted the web updater, it always worked perfectly. Until now.

Why didn’t you search the forum?

I did search, I did find this thread. I did not want to use a script which I don’t know.

I found other instructions to upgrade php, that worked, but I ran into several problems with missing modules. Lukily ChatGPT could interpret the Error Messages well and tell me exactly what to install to get it running.

I suppose I am not the only “hobby admin” who is able to do a fresh install (all modules etc. are installed), but then struggle with manually upgrading a core component like PHP.

This is especially inconvenient when you are used to perfectly working automated Nextcloud updates for years - and suddenly have to figure out which missing PHP module is breaking the CLI updater (web one was not accessible any more) at a certain stage.

I knew that I have to figure out how to upgrade php properly when I switch to NC 26. I did not expect that NC 25 suddenly stops working after a minor security update (NC 25.0.6 → NC 25.0.7).

Anyway, PHP 8.2. and NC26 are running now. I hope this thread can help others when they run into a similar problem (this year basically all NC server admins need to upgrade PHP if they want to keep NC updated…).

The errors means some extra app you had installed had an upgrade where it said it was compatible with NC 25, but actually only supported PHP 8.0.

Maybe it was the Table app?

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