NC 23, Apache process high CPU usage (on Deck app PROPFIND requests?)

I’ve got this instance with latest NC 23.0.3 doing mostly nothing (one PROPFIND request every seconds), but the apache process CPU usage is very high.

It’s running on a Docker container.

The high usage stops after a container restart. But there’s also a lot less PROFIND requests.

In any case the high CPU usage comes back pretty quickly and then stays on.

I realize these are mostly for calls for the Deck application (calendar/name/app-generated–deck–board)

Could these PROPFIND be the cause of the high CPU usage?
Is this a known pattern?


I’m running two instances with Docker Apache image quite a long time already - never notice this issue. But I’m running notify_push as well which reduce the number of PROPFIND requests (but even before notify_push I don’t remember such issue).

ok, the culprit was Thunderbird in the end.
Not sure why having Tasks configured in Thunderbird calendar made it issue PROPFIND request every second. And these were VERY CPU hungry.

Anyway, thanks for notifying me on notify_push, will try it right away!