NC 20 with Nginx Proxy Manager - "Failed - Network Error" on Download

Hi, I run NC 20 via the latest docker image (nextcloud:latest - which means it uses an apache webserver). I use jc21/nginx-proxy-manager to reverse proxy from my public domain to the NC container.

A google search led me to this post, which solved the problem for OP, but seems like it doesn’t work for me.

I note this documentation page which mentions setting proxy_buffering off, but since I don’t use the nginx as a webserver, only a proxy, how can I set this at the apache level in the NC container? Also this seems to be for uploading, not downloading.

I’ve added “trusted_proxies” in config.php. Added the custom location as per the reddit post. Anything else I’m missing?

It seems every file I download over 1 GB comes up with the “Failed - Network Error” problem each time I try to download it. I’d prefer the files to be served directly thru the proxy without caching at the proxy host. What can I do here?

I am having similar issues around nextcloud sitting behind any kind of reverse proxy. I would be interested in how to fix this also.

I must admin Nginx proxy manager is just brilliant and have several wordpress containers running behind it with no issues at all.