NC 20.04 - Confusing UI with Bookmarks app

Parts of the Bookmarks app aren’t making sense to me. I’m hoping someone can help get a bulb or two to light up in my head.

What’s the process for archiving? And in the app’s settings how does the Archive path corelate?

On first glance intuition says there’s an archiving option for selected bookmarks. Ok, so it’s not that simple. If I create directories /Bookmarks/Archived and use one or the other in settings I can’t find how the Archive path works. In fact, it’s not clear if this path is actually for archives or for bookmarks in general because of the extra verbage “Enter the path of a folder where bookmarked files should be stored”.

I’m sure I’m just missing or over-thinking something basic. Thanks to anybody who doesn’t mind explaining.

@marcelklehr maybe?

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Ah, maybe that’s not too well explained in the UI, yet.

If you bookmark a file (as opposed to a normal web page), the app will download that file and put it in the archive folder automatically. In the app, you can then go to archived bookmarks to see all bookmarks that have been archived and click on details -> attachments to find the file.

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That sums it up nicely. Just as I thought, there’s more to the app than meets the eye. Thanks!