NC 15 Installation Issues

Hello, I have installed NC 15 from a document produced by It all appeared quite simple, for a novice Ubuntu user like me. However; when I got to the end, it suggested I Verify NC was working. According to the documentation, after Restarting Apache2, I was required to use my Browser and type in http:// your_ip/ index.php, with my IP being I was disappointed to find, instead of an Account Creation Page, as shown in the documentation, I received instead, a small Message Pad which stated “Internal Server Error” , “The Server was unable to complete your request” and provided my Remote IP Address (in my office about 30 metres away from the Server in my Workshop) and a Request ID: GUHhBNhNhK1b58HyNX2w

I guess that this is some kinf of Log, whch makes no sence to a novice like me. I tried to find a Nextcloud.log on the Server, but could not locate one.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue, as I am at my wits end - So near but So Far.

If and when I get this working, I will need to consider how to Upgrade to NC 16.

Looking for to your Response. Cheers.

just guessing. what’s the output of ls -l /var/www/html ?

that’s easy. start over and instead of


in step 1. “Nextcloud” install use


you may rename the existing folder nextcloud before to nextcloud.15 with the command mv /var/www/html/nextcloud /var/www/html/nextcloud.15
since you didn’t configure anything yet this should be safe. later (updating to nc17) use the update button in system settings.

This could be due to an error accessing the SQL database. I would start with verifying that. Also look for the logs of the web server.

Reiner-Nippes - Thank you fo r this info - this seems too easy. Just a couple of questions.

  1. Surely I would need to Uninstall the previous NC 15 before installing NC 16 - this is the case in say Windows which I am much more familiar with,
  2. Is there and Instruction Sheet for NC 16.
  3. I have My Sql installed - I see othere reccomending the use of Regis (I think) Which is best.
  4. Beforre doing all of this, is the a Nextcloud Test that can be run to pickup Errors or some for of Troubleshooter to do the same. Cheers.

Hello KariF12, Thank you for this advice.
I have checked for a Nextcloud Log, but could not locate it anywhere.
Because the initial installation appears to have not completed, woild there be a Log File.
I believe it did not finish, because it did not present the final sheet where my Account detals are created, plus the Data Folder and Login Details.
What is its Location and Name.
How would I verify an issue of Not Accessing MySql; DB.

in your case it’s just:

rm -rf /var/www/html/nextcloud

since you didn’t config anything you can savely delete the nextcloud folder.
and then start with step 1. again.

but before you do check if there is a config/config.php file. it’s create on first start of nextcloud. you may share it’s content. without any personal data. :wink:

second you could try to install nextcloud via cli.

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/nextcloud/occ maintenance:install --database "mysql" --database-name "nextcloud" --database-user "nextcloud" --database-pass "nextcloud" --admin-user "YourNextcloudAdmin" --admin-pass "YourNextcloudAdminPasssword" --data-dir "/nextcloud-data"

replace user/paasword with your values.

two different things. you may compare mysql to postgres. the answer which is better is ‘religous’. i prefer postgres.
redis is an in memory key value store. used for locking file access. if you have hunderds user concurrent access the same files and folders.
your config and app data (contacts, date, etc.) are stored in the sql db not in redis.

it’s the same procedure. only the wget url changes.
if your are looking for more elaborated howtos:

Ultimately you will need both MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL and Redis. However Redis is not necessary for it to operate, so you can worry about that later.

I meant the logs for Apache or whatever web server you’re using, not specifically Nextcloud logs.

You should be able to run mysql at the command line and log into the database.

Hello KarlF12 - My apologies for dely in response - I have been down with the Extended Type “A” Flu.
This morning, after a period of sickness, I finally completed the installation of Nextcloud 15.0.7 on my Ubuntu Server 18.04. Everything appeared to proceed OK with no hiccups, until I tried to Login to Nextcloud Admin, with my Firefox Browser. I was confronted with the 404 Not Found Error.
I am using No IP Free Account for my Domain which is and my Dynamic IP Address is In case you are not aware No IP overcomes the issue of Dynamic IP Addresses, such as mine - I hope. I cannot obtain a Static IP for this machine.
Can you please provide an explanation as to why this is happening and if there is something I still need to do.
My Dynamic IP address covers two machines (Office - Owen-PC) and my Ubuntu Server - carlton)
I am not able to establish a Config File for Nextcloud. Cheers.

Hello KarlF12; I was finally able to connect to my Server, only to be confronted with this Server Error. I have much about it on Google, but nothing seems to make sense at all.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Owen Carlton

Due to my Illness and the “Internal Server Error” found when attempting to open Nextcloud, I bit the bullet and started from scratch with a completely new system.
I successfully installed Ubuntu Server 18.04, Apache2, PHP, MySql & MariaDB, PHPMYAdmin and just now, Nextcloud 15 from Ubuntu Snap. All seemed to go OK, until I tried to open Nextcloud with Firefox ( which opened the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page, instead of Nextcloud Login Page.
I have checked and my Free Account shows my account with 9 days to run and it shows the correct Dynamic IP Address of (Verified) I have Pinged the Server ( OK - I have pinged ( OK. Ports 80, 443/tcp are forwarded on my Router.
Nextc;oud documentation states that the Nextcloud.log should be located at /var/www/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log -/data and /data//nextcloud.log do not exist and I cannot find a Nextcloud.log anywhere.
Can someone please provide this Novice some guidance with locating the source of the problem of not being able to connect to Nextcloud. Regards.

You only need MySQL OR MariaDB - not both. Also, if you install from the snap package, if I’m not mistaken, it also installs it’s own SQL and Apache instances. You would not need to install them separately.

This is going to be an issue with the Apache configuration. Most likely what has happened here is you installed Apache2 from apt, and also from snap as part of Nextcloud. The instance from apt has control of your ports but does not have the requisite site configuration for Nextcloud.

If you want to use the snap package, don’t install the other parts yourself. It comes with what it needs pre-configured.

Thank you KarF12, Just today I arrived at the same conclusion in respect of Snap Installations, after finally finding something on Google, which confirmed what you have just stated. In my case I ended up with a mess whereby I was unable to get mysql service functioning, regardless of what I did.
I have wiped the drive and am starting from scratch and I will not be using Snap again.
To early to say How I went with reinstall of Linux and LAMP.

I did something very similar. After discovering it’s impossible to add SMB support to the snap installation, I went with a manual Apache and MariaDB installation. This worked fine except I could not for the life of me get Collabora to work. After working with that for a while, I decided to move the entire setup to Docker since that was what Collabora ran in anyway. Collabora still gave me trouble for a while, then I set up Docker-compose and finally got everything working. Been running great on Docker ever since.

I did something similar also (the same internal server error). My guess it is because of the apache2 or PHP configuration.

I don’t know about ubuntu, but if you want to try using SLES (I am using SLES) or opensuse try following the section Install from source from this