NC 13 - LDAP - low performance

Hi everybody,
we are using NC 13 with LDAP authentication. Unfortunately, Using LDAP v3 really slows the NC down.
Logging in with a local user (not in LDAP database, just existent in NC) takes the NC like 2 seconds till the login is complete and to get to your files.
Using a LDAP user, the login and getting to your files takes about 10 seconds.

The NC server and the LDAP database are connected via openVPN, ping 10-30 ms, uplink @ 40 MBit/s

So, is there a possibility to speed things up? Or is there a bottleneck we could easily eliminate?

Thanks everybody for your advice,

Do you have any other application making ldap authentication faster than nextcloud on the same server ?
If no then :
Beside of the server logs,
One way to troubleshoot could be to run a manual ldap search from your nextcloud server.
Assuming you have access to the server console.
For example you could get the ldap query send by nextcloud in the logs and run it manually.
This way you could evaluate if the nexcloud application is really slow or if it’s just waiting for an answer from the ldap server .
If you find your query also hanging up,
By making this test in various hosts on your network, this could help you finding the bottleneck.
Sorry those are only generic trouble shooting advices.
Best luck :wink: