NC 12.0.3 News App: "Menu" not functioning

After having misspelled a new folder and only noticing the mistake after it was loaded, I assumed that the “menu” option (" … ")would have allowed me to rename the folder. However, other than the tooltip appearing, there is no functionality. I can’t rename nor even delete the folder.

Any suggestions?

Disable your ad blocker

Disable my ad blocker ???

This seems to be a very strange requirement for something that’s being embraced by many to address the nefarious intrusions of Big Brutha and his cohorts!

My Bro: Other than it obviously having to be done in order to properly engage the app, could you please explain why the ad blocker must be disabled?

well the answer may not satisfy your expectations: Adblocker (and all dom-manipulating browser plug-ins in presentation-layer) are useless and may cause damage to other applications like the news app. Better use squid/squidguard on transportation layer if you want to block trackers or ads effectivly.

Thanks for the explanation, Jakob.

It wasn’t an ad blocker which caused the problem. At least I don’t think it was; couldn’t find any trace of one in the PlugIns.

I experienced the same problems with both Firefox and with Opera. However, when I accessed my Klowd via Safari, the functionality (menu and import) was available. So, I’m happy now!

… I’ll look into the squid stuff as you’ve suggested.

Almost all issues related to GUI things not working properly have been solved by disabling ad blockers. Some settings are very broad (e.g. block everything that contains “social” and “share”)