NC 12.0.3 Audioplayer: Scan eventually freezes

Although most of my albums have been scanned without issue, I can’t scan all of them; the scan freezes at a certain point.

I have a feeling that the program is fine but rather that something on my end isn’t quite right. I ran the occ audioplayer debug command and this is what I got:

  An exception occurred while executing 'INSERT INTO "oc_audioplayer_artists"  
   ("user_id","name") SELECT ?,?  WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM "oc_audiopl  
  ayer_artists" WHERE "user_id" = ? AND "name" = ?)' with params [">myname<"  
  , "Various Artists", ">myname<", "Various Artists"]:                        
  SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 5 database is locked                         
  SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 5 database is locked  
  SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 5 database is locked  

Could somebody please help me decipher the above? Thanks in advance!

Bizarre. Just for the fun of it, I repeated the scan from the cli just a few minutes ago. This time, it completed without a problem.

Mine is not to ask why…


sorry for the late reply on this.
this is really interesting. this is an interesting sql being created by the DB-driver (originating from $this->db->insertIfNotExist )

In general, the AP scans sequential. there is no parallel processing so I have no clue where this issue comes from.
My only Idea would be that your database had a temporary load issue and was not finished with the write itself (or the update of the index) when the next came in.

its hard to clarify. but if your issue is solved (it would also be solved by pressing “Scan” again in the frontend, I guess), I would leave it there for now.

if you have this coming up again, please let me know.

thank you for your feedback…


I also have currently problems scanning audiofiles (about 120GB audiobooks). I’ve mounted (bind) a folder with my audiobooks to the userfolder. Directories all have permission 755, files 444.
Scanning via app hangs at 1% at no special file (tried it three times, including deleting entries and appconfig from mysql-database and reactivating app)

Scanning via terminal with sudo -u www-data php occ audioplayer:scan USERNAME --debug seems to run smoothly and no errors are thrown until now (still running).

Sorry, that I cannot provide more informations to help you tracking it better. If an error will occur or I’ll find sth interesting in the database, I will post it here, or if I’ll find the reason open an issue on github, if you prefer.

kind regards