Navigating a folder of photos displays small size photos

On Nextcloud 15, latest

When viewing a folder containing photos, the photos are small and centered horizontally and vertically with no way to display the full size photo. Is there a setting to allow browsing the full size photos or at least to force them to use the entire display surface?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Sorry, but unfortunately I don’t understand the issue you are describing. Could you please share a screenshot?
On my server with NC15 when I click a photo, it is displayed maximized (adapted to the browser window size) and I can even scroll to zoom further in. So if this is what you meant, it could just be a matter of configuration.

Yes, it works fine if you click on a single photo. Rather than click on a single photo, try clicking on a folder containing photos and you will see small thumbnails of the photos inside the folder. Click on any one of the thumbnails to bring up a sort of photo slideshow. Notice the photos are displayed as small photos centered horizontally and vertically with no way to up-size.

Actually no :open_mouth:
When I click the thumbnail directly the details section on the right side opens with the details to this file/ photo. If I click the filename however, the photo opens big in the slide show - full size and zoomable.

Might there be any app, which interferes here? Is there anything (error message or so) in the browsers debug console? Speaking of browser: which one are you using? I use the latest Firefox 64.

I’m using the latest Firefox and when I enter the slideshow, I get small pics, centered vertically and horizontally that cannot be resized. It’s not just me. When I share a folder of photos, users have been complaining to me that the photos are to small and they can’t resize them. This is what prompted me to post this asking for help.

I should add that if I am on a laptop with a mouse with a scroll wheel, I can resize the pics bigger using the scroll wheel. This is the only way to resize even on a laptop. However, on a phone or tablet, the pinch zoom fails to work and the photos cannot be resized.

Just a quick idea: there is a way to configure the size of previews. Maybe you configured the preview size too small on your server? I cannot check where this configuration is exactly. But you may wanna have a look at

  • nextcloud/config/config.php (your active configuration)
  • nextcloud/config/config.template.php (I think that was the name; a file which shows many available configurations)

I believe there is something like preview size in these files.