NAS Raid 1 rebuild after failed drive

After I get Nextcloud up and running, I was wondering how a failed raid 1 is handled.

I will be using an odroid c2 or odroid xu4q on a light debian image

:thinking: I don’t know where you’r going with this.
Nextcloud is an web application. It’s for most parts completely agnostic to the underlying filesystem, or disks for that matter.

If your RAID 1 fails, you have to deal with that on the OS level. Not the web application level.

If you’re not comfortable dealing with this scenario via shell, you could look into cockpit or one of the many other projects giving you control over the underlying OS via webapplications.
It’s just… Nextcloud is not one of them.

Read the Manual of your NAS then how the rebuild procedure works. If it uses a Software Raid, the os must handle it. If its a Hardware Raid, the OS has now clue at all, it just sees a Harddrive. As the Post before me states, the webapp is compleltey agnostic of your raid, since there is nothing to handle for nextcloud.

Just be shure, you get a amil notification if a drive fails and swap it out then.

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