NAS part for Nextcloud

I’m planning to setup Nextcloud at home to build a secure and private cloud, based on Opensource software. Nextcloud will be mainly used to sync/share files and host cals or notes.
As I also need a solution to store my backups and other files, I was wondering what people here use to achieve traditional NAS features.
I’ve found projects with FreeNAS or OMV, but I would rather build a system from the scratch with CentOS.
The most basic solution would be to create NFS shares for NAS data, but perhaps there’s a more elegant solution.

Many use commercial NAS, to avoid problems with commercial OS on them, some use a small device to provide Nextcloud and mount NAS storage on their filesystem (NFS/SMB).

That would be the two projects I heard of, I would go for one of these solutions. If you can’t find anything natively supported on CentOS you could port it to CentOS (is it worth the effort?).

I wanted to avoid using closed source software, although I really like the Synology Systems. Also the hardware costs are much lower, ignoring the worth of software and time investment :wink:

Besides the two I’ve found Rockstor which is based on CentOS.
What I don’t like about the NAS appliances, is that you’re dependent on the developers behind it in regards to OS updates…

I would also go for open source. Take a look which project has active developers and check how it handled distribution updates in the past. There are probably forum with more expertise than our forum. You can probably use all of them as storage backend for Nextcloud. That might be different if you want to run Nextcloud on the same machine.

I think I will go with openmediavault, although it’s Debian based. Rockstor is too young and probably won’t offer the needed Stability and security.