NAS and NextCloud Client

Hi, I’m looking for a NAS where NextCloud Client can be installed
But I can’t find anything (Synology, QNAP, Buffalo)
My need is to upload data to the NAS from the local network.
The NAS synchronizes with the remote NextCloud server.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


I think you don’t need a specific Nextcloud client on your NAS. NAS usually contain backup tools which should be able to copy data to a remote Nextcloud server using standard WebDAV protocol.

You could also use ftp or sftp

QNAP x73/x77 are good for running VMs: lots of RAM, decent CPUs, M.2 SATA storage.
I run Nextcloud on two of them, installed on Ubuntu 18.04LTS VMs…

That’s the point: they have deprecated M.2 SATA - will there ever be M.2 NVME storage available? I have suggested several SSD to their Hong Kong HQ: have you heard of any news?

Who did? QNAP or flash SSD manufacturers? I don’t think either statement is true…

QNAP x73/x77 have PCIe expansion cards that can have NVMe cards.

The newer TS-hx86 series has built-in M.2 slots supporting NVMe storage.
The TS-h2490FU has U.2 support (NVMe storage in 2.5" format)…

Yes: slots, expansion cards, …

I had the:

QNAP Systems TBS-453DX-8G NAS 4-Bay [0/4 SSD, 1x 10GbE LAN + 1x GbE LAN, 8GB RAM]

Which I prefer: M.2 only, but unfortunately no NVME drives supported. I do not invest in an old - deprecated - SATA technology…

It is called silent NAS, or sometimes media NAS.

I would much appreciate a follow up in this form size from QNAP!

Can you even detect the difference?

The latest Dell Latitude ultrabooks can handle SATA and NVMe M.2 storage in the same slot.
The performance difference is nowhere close to what the specs would suggest (a factor of ~6).
I don’t think it even does double…

yes, in addition to performance there is the issue of compatibility: when I buy four SATA SSD, with no much price difference to NVMe, will there be future handling of the drives - maybe as a laptop component as you mentioned?

What is future? Next year? Of course.
We use our XPS/Latitude devices for about 5 years (university setting).
Hence, whatever you buy today will be usable for 5 years.

Same about the latest Dell OptiPlex desktops (7080) that also support SATA/NVMe M.2 storage.

Do you want the SATA M.2 last longer than 5 years? That would be a gamble.
But you can buy a 2.5" case that can accommodate the SATA M.2 and use it as a 2.5" drive.

Hence, not buying SATA M.2 drives today because of their pending obsolescence sounds like misplaced priorities…

The QNAP TBS-453DX-8G is still on sale, at least in Canada
Not that I’d pay $800+ for a Celeron box with 8GB of RAM…