Named parameter "file_id" does not have a bound value

When running either occ trashbin:cleanup or occ versions:cleanup for a particular user, I get the error:

In MissingNamedParameter.php line 17:
Named parameter "file_id" does not have a bound value.

This error occurs for this user whether or not I specify the user in the commands (eg: occ trashbin:cleanup username) or run the commands for all (eg: occ trashbin:cleanup --all-users).

All other users are unaffected.

These commands are part of a routine script and I just noticed them occuring. So I can’t be sure that it is attributable to the 21.0.0 update, but I certainly didn’t notice it happening when I was on v20.

Any ideas?

Nextcloud 21.0.0, Docker

Apache 2.4.38

PHP 7.4.15



I’ve got the same error whenever editing a text file(markdown), in the Network → XHR tab.

The network connection is reliable for both client and server.

Any clue to what’s causing this?

Nextcloud 21.0.1
Truenas 12.0 U3 jail
Nginx 1.18.0
PHP 7.4.16
MySQL version “5.7.33-log”

I have also the same issue ! Even in cron.php job.
Any clue on what is causing this ?

NC 21
Php 7.4
MySQL 8.0
Ubuntu 20.04

Still haven’t found a solution. I was hoping the 21.0.1 update would solve the issue, but no dice.