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First, forgive me for my bad English, I am French and I use Googletrad.
I have been using NextCloud in its latest version and for years.
It is used to transmit tenders for building construction files.
Currently, this distribution is done by public link that I transmit by e-mail to interested companies.
In the NextCloud activity area I see when there are downloads from this public link.
I would like to know if there is a native (but I do not believe) or software option so that companies that download must inform, on the basis of volunteer, their name before being able to download.
This would allow me to be able to see who has not downloaded and restart them if necessary.
There is software, which I no longer remember the name, external to NextCloud, which allows for a table to inform the names of the companies, their e-mail and check boxes according to if they can download, put online etc etc of files.
Is there that on NextCloud?

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To complete the description of my request, I need to master which action was made
(addition, download, modification), by what
user, when and on which folder.
On the administration side, I wish to affect the access rights to users or user groups to create reserved or shared spaces.
Inside these spaces, I would like to define who has the right to access the files, modify them, add new or modify them.
As allows the software, whose name I have found which is called DTS ( )

To be able to identify individual users is nearly impossible if you are sharing a public link. If you want to know what specific persons/organisations have been done with your files you should have a look on the guest account feature.

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Thanks I will look into this.