MySQL/MariaDB vs PostgreSQL - are there any benchmarks


Actually I already have an instance running on PostgreSQL. However given how many feature NextCloud can provide these days, I would like to ensure the database does not become a bottleneck. Are there any good benchmarks of NextCloud between MariaDB and PostgreSQL?

I have quite some experience with PostgreSQL performance characteristics myself, but with different kind and scale of apps than our NextCloud instance is. Also I am operating the NextCloud instance in a team, where others are more familiar with MySQL/MariaDB, and all other apps are using it too. So for the sake of simplicity I am thinking of giving up PostgreSQL in favor of MariaDB, which is also recommended in the official documentation. But I would like to know that it’s not a step back.

I hope I am not repeating a too frequent question here.

Here you will find answers on your question:

Thanks for the response. However I must say it didn’t help me much. Using my favorite search engine was the first thing I did. The most relevant articles I found were about the migration process itself. I can definitely handle migration of the database.

What I am interested in are benchmarks, results with something measurable (e.g. performance), or at least personal experience comparing NextCloud operations on MariaDB and PostgreSQL, not feature comparison of the two database engines. Frankly the articles about migration do not cover that.