My server insists on "App update required" when I upped my app version number

Okay, so why does nextcloud insist on updating my app that I just bug fixed and changed the version number on?

I think I have the latest version of nextcloud, can’t log in now to see. Guess I can roll back the version number to see if it lets me log in…

No idea why this is a ‘feature’, if you make app changes/updates… the server shouldn’t insist on updating the app from the webstore. Is there an override somehow to prevent this? It’s not the first time I’ve triggered it making apps either. It’s really annoying. Thx!

I am unsure if I get you right. If you fixed some bugs in the code and increased the version number of the app in the info.xml file, the core will detect an updated version and ask you (as adminstrator/user) to install said version. This does not mean that a new version is downloaded but the internal structures of the NC server are updated accordingly to reflect the latest (installed) version.

I have to admit it is a bit surprising during development but it works out. I normally just run the update and am done with it. You might want to make a backup if in doubt.

That sounds like what I am talking about. However the prompt reads like it will download the old version undoing my changes, since the changes were already made in the files of the app folder.

So it’s just updating some internal data? Maybe it should say that rather than making me go ‘oh crap’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I just double checked, it seems the app code on disk doesn’t change (or at least the file I altered), like you said. Thx.

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