My Nextcloud update is very delayed

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Every time Nextcloud releases an update it comes to me via built-in update after very long wait. I understand that you wait few weeks then start to roll out the update to users but I’ve been waiting for several months. For example, Nextcloud 21 was released back in Feb and now I’m still running 20.0.9 and it says up to date.
I know I have to options either going to beta channel which I don’t want to or manually upgrade Nextcloud which I also want to avoid.
Just wondering why Nextcloud updates don’t come quicker when they are released? and how long I’ll have to wait till I get 21?

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There is no fixed schedule and you can’t really know. However, I have already seen this on a running NC 20, if you don’t have a suitable php version, an upgrade is not shown.

Well, Nextcloud does a staged rollout. The linked article explains the benefit. If you feel sure enough, switch to the beta channel and back to stable after the upgrade or performit manually. This topic has been discussed very often in the forun, so i’d like to point you to the search function of this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Good morning @sukafun hope you are doing well…

Please make sure that all your services (including apache/nginx, your database and php) are up to date.

Also, do you have any firewall between your nextcloud and internet? Make sure the following URL’s are reachable to the server:




I have updated all apps, Apache, PHP
Connection is OK
I can reach all the above links
I can also get the update if switching to beta channel so my issue is it’s not coming to the stable cannel but I understand that I have to wait a bit longer…

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Hey there, I wish I could help more mate.

In this case, if you need to upgrade right now, you can always do a manual upgrade.

It’s not that hard to do so.

Good luck man, all the best.

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