My nextcloud story and Praise

Been using linux as main os for a couple of years now, basically a total noob.
(Windows 7 end of support pushed me over the edge :slight_smile:
About 6 months now fooling around with the terminal, just for fun. Learning more every day.

So a couple of months ago my kid (~14y) complains about her cloudbackups being full once again (5G-15G free space).
The same applied to me and the misses. So gotta fuss around with the computer to get their images and other stuff backed up safely. That got me thinkin - there has to be a better way, other than paying a monthly fee for more storage.
I went online and bought an old used desktop and installed ubuntu server on it.
A few months have passed of me learning how to use and configure it (with safety in mind).

Long story short:
Now Nextcloud is running at home with all the storage we need and thensome.
And best of all. This tinkering has become a fun hobby for me, thanks mostly to Linux and Nextcloud!
My hat comes off to everyone involved in Nextcloud.