My Nextcloud is slowly

I’m using a webhost in Germany called It is a shared-host.

After upgrading to Nextcloud 12 I got the following error message in my admin pan:
PHP Opcache is not configured correctly, change to:


It may be a stupid question but where can I find the .php.ini? I got FTP access but seems like I can’t find it or its hidden. Could you please explain where I can enter the values? Hopefully it gets faster.

Moreover: Any other option to speed up Nextcloud on my Webspace? It takes forever if you access the site over HTTP. Did I forgot to configure something in order to speed it up?

My host is using Linux, MySQL.

It depends on the OS and php version but you can usually find it under /etc/php/
For example under Ubuntu you can find it under /etc/php/7.0

Have you looked at memory caching ?

Could you help me activating memory Caching? I do not understand how I do it.

Found on my FTP server the following


Do I have to add the changes there?

So there is a php.ini file in /etc/php.ini

I can’t edit it because I do not have the permission…

If you can use php 7, this is faster than php 5.6. Except for that, there is very little you can do without more control over the server. Disable apps that you don’t need, try to use webcron or system cron (if possible) instead of ajax.

Give webcron a try, it’s free and does just that and more.