My lets encrypt certificate expired yesterday (and didn't renew automatically as always)

Dear fellow opensource lovers,

Since today is my letsencrypt certificate expired. This is the first time that problem happens to me since I installed the ‘out of the box’ nexcloud server iso with ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.

I did the most simple configuration I could:
Installed nextcloud on a physical box (old core2 duo tower). With the nextcloud iso installer that does everything for you (very impressive).
Enabled port forwarding on my home router.
configured a Free Dynamic DNS with
added the configured dyndns in my nextcloud config.php
restart service and voilá

The rest seemed to be just magic. Everything worked for more than a year without me having to do anything at all.

I even got email warnings from Let’s Encrypt Expiry Bot: Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain blablabla, but to be honest I didn’t do anything at all and the certificate seemed to renew itself also with some sort of magic procedure that I didn’t even know.

But the magic seemed to stop yesterday. The only change in environment that I could think of is that I removed port forwarding on port 80 on my router and left only 443.

After googling and looking in forums, I tried the commands that I found more repeated like “letsencrypt renew” or “certbot renew” and to my surprise I didn’t even have certbot installed!!!

I did install certbot with “sudo snap install certbot --classic” but after trying issuing those commands couldn’t manage to renew the cert.

My questions are:
How could everything magically working and how could I have fucked up such perfect system?
What can I do now to go back to the past and leave it as it was?

Sorry for my ignorance and hope someone can help out.



Hi @nextnewbie

What exactley do you mean by Nextcloud ISO installer? Can you provide a link to what you actualy have used to get nextcloud installed…?

Yeah that was not precise at all. I believe that during ubuntu 18.04 LTS installation I selected the Nextcloud snap checkbox, the rest happened automatically. Thats possible, right?

Ah ok. Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with the snap package, but as far as I know, they have a script integrated which should install and auto-renew the certificates…

What happens if you enter the following command…?

sudo nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt
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omg, it’s solved!!! certificate valid until 3 september :slight_smile: 1000 thanks!!!

how can I know if the renew will happen automatically now?

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I’m not sure actually. Maybe this is of any help…

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I don’t really understand that link but thanks.

I’ll just wait and ‘risk’ the certificate to expire again, and if it does, I’lll just apply the same command you gave me again.

A milion thanks once again.

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