My guide to install Nextcloud+OnlyOffice on 2 VPS at DreamCompute

Hello, i’ve published a detailed step-to-step guide to install:

  • Nextcloud on an 1Gb RAM VPS
  • OnlyOffice on another 1Gb RAM VPS

on 2 different subdomains. Both running with SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate. I’ve been testing its performance during a week and it seems to work more than perfect for my personal use. So i recommend to you.

Also, i must to recommend the quality hosting services of my provider (DreamHost), which use opensource filesystem CEPH for his cloud-VPS service. It offer by free the first 100Gb of cloud storage when you activate your DreamCompute account, and then you can create there several VPS customizing RAM and cores to be consumed.

Certainly the prices are quite competitive: $6USD for a 1GB RAM 1core VPS. Enough for personal use.


I hope that my guide will be of help to other people trying to install their first Nextcloud instance on an VPS, not necessarily on DreamHost and on an Ubuntu VPS.

Feel free to add there your suggestions and modifications (or fork it!): it’s a public guide on Gist of Github: