My folders got removed by NC syncing, without any trace!


I had NC installed in two PCs, while switch them off from being synced, because I was running some programs with commonly huge outputs on the NC folder of PC2. After a while (a week), I decided to sync the run results from PC2, but after syncing, all the new file from that PC was removed and the NC folder got look like that of PC1.
The new files are not moved to the Trash-bin of NC or Windows Recycle-bin of PC2?!
So, I’d wonder if anybody can help me to recover them…

Kind regards,
A. Kav

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y):

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Installing NC in two PCs.
  2. Working in NC folder of PC2, while NC is not being synced in both PCs.
  3. Trying to sync the PC2 to the NC.
  4. Erasing of all new files from PC2 folder, such that the new look of NC folder after syncing is similar to that of PC1 in one week ago…

Did you pause the sync entirely or did you just exclude folders from the sync? What does the activity log of your nextcloud client on PC2 say?

I’ve never had this issue before, but I also didn’t have quite the same scenario as you.

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Dear @Boki4d, many thanks for the reply.
The NC was paused at first, but after a while I switched the software entirely off (i.e. disabled it from startup).
The activity log shows nothing at all! The last deleted file in the NC trash-bin is also from ten days ago… I wondered that it seems the NC did sth like a shift-delete!!! Very undesirably strange…

I’d appreciate if one can come with a resolution for my problem…

Normally the client should track changes properly. I’d suppose with the pausing over long time, it lost track of something. Best would be to reproduce this, enable proper logging and send in a bug report. This really sounds bad.

Files are removed and not in the trash bin. Perhaps some undelete tools can find files again (the shift-delete is probably similar).

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Thanks for the reply.
I’ll try the undelete tools, good suggestion.
Actually, as I mentioned the NC desktop was paused at first.
Though, after a while (after system restart), it was not running in the PC2 as I disabled it from the startup (to increase the performance).
So, maybe NC desktop has not recorded any tracks for the period I was working on the NC folder, while the software was not running. It’s completely fine to this end. But it’s a strange disastrous bug that when I tried to sync, NC delete files with newer date of creation (that is usually considered for any syncing tools).