My first post. Slow web-UI. (semi-rant-warning)


Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not trying to be mean. And I know how much work maintaining code is. I do appreciate the work that everyone has put into this project, and the work everyone still does. So I appologize for any toes I might step on in this semi-rant

The beginning:

At first, I was wondering about why the web-Ui was so slow. My hosting service has powerful servers, and the install runs with php-cache enabled as instructed, and the worker is put in crontab.

Even when following all instructions, it’s slow, but I’ve just been using it with mobile apps and desktop sync for weeks with no problems.

An epiphany:

Yesterday I was looking at the web-Ui again, and the app for theme customization. It is limited, but it works. So I had a look at the source…


Fourteen separate style-sheets,
Twenty seven separate script-files, and then stylesheets for custom-theming are loaded on top of all that…

All of this is set to load BEFORE the main body even starts to load…

And even with all that stuff loaded, there’s inline style-tags for just about every menu-item…

Now I know why it’s slow…

On top of that, I had a look at the scripts, and the jQuery js and jQeryUI css files aren’t even the ‘minified’ versions.

Looks like every css and js file is loaded for every page too.

Lots of things that could be optimized here. It’s too bad, that I haven’t got time for free work right now, or I’d fork and start working… Because this is a great project, and I would hate to see it die from overweight…


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I haven’t gone down the same rabbit hole as you, I’ve noticed though that CPU easily goes crazy, even with just one user on a VM with 2GB RAM… All I can add, any optimisations, would be welcomed.