My experience upgrading to NC10RC1

Everything went fine. Made my backup, untar the RC1 and made a copy of the config/config.php from my 9.0.53 inside the new install. ./occ upgrade and I could start using it.

Few issues :

  • I got an announcement asking me for some data usage. Clicking on Send or Not now will refresh my page after few seconds, saying Failed to perform action. Note that the same notification shows on the Windows client (with an error also when I click on Send)
  • Gallery+ is now Gallery and when enabling it opens the upgrade webpage. After upgrading I got this in the log: starting upgrade from to
  • Shorten is installed during the first ./occ upgrade, but I need to remove it from the apps/ directory if I want to enable it from the Applications webpage
  • Even enabled, shorten is not working anymore :rage:
  • Apps Announcementcenter is not working anymore. Can’t enable it; it says that it needs owncloud <= 9
  • Bookmark is not working also (incompaptible)
  • I keep having to edit/add my theme from config/config.php. :rage:
  • Mail is not working but I don’t really care so I haven’t check why

It also seems that the old /updater/index.php script is used

What is working :

  • opds/reader (haven’t really worked on showing thumbs)
  • richdocuments/libreoffice
  • Agenda/Contact/Task is working
  • Logreader is working, Notes too.
  • Music is working.

Also, nice new tools and my cloud is a lot faster now !

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Any error regarding that in the log?


I’m working on an update for 10, it will be done before the final :wink:

well that is by design, themes can break the update process, so those are disabled

Mail app should work with ownCloud 9.1, so it should also work with Nextcloud 10

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@nickvergessen Nothing in the log. But if you add some exception in the process for a next Release Candidate, I’ll bring back the 9.0.53 and upgrade from it.

The message you saw is something that annoys me, but that hasn’t been fixed in the server yet. Some apps trigger an upgrade which displays a confusing message.

And regarding the downgrade from Gallery+ to Gallery, it’s probably because there isn’t a version of Gallery+ for NC10 yet. Gallery+ is designed to bring new features to older versions of Nextcloud.

Mail is not working for me either. Two spin pinwheels in main screen and left bar - forever… left it for a long time and it never stops spinning. I did an upgrade from OC, I will try a fresh install later today.

@zeugmatis @cult I gave some more information about the mail app here Mail app not working in RC 10?

Announcement center update in case you want to help testing:

Any error regarding that in the log?

I might have a clue about what was happening here. While testing the announcement center (Announcement center discussion) I noticed that when I click on a notification to read the announcement, I got redirected to what is seems to be the domain name from ‘overwrite.cli.url’ (which is my ServerName in my apache2 configuration).

The issue occurs if the button on that notification were absolute and not relative as I am browsing (and authed) on a shorter ServerAlias and not the ‘official’ ServerName of the cloud.

If the notification is generated from the crontab and sent to multiple client (desktop, smartphone, …) I can understand that you store the url of the cloud in the notification database. But it might be better, or to have a field in the database for the WebUI, or to store the url of the cloud in an other field in the notification database.

This is exactly the case, but no we will not store 2 links, also both, clients and the webUI use the same endpoint, so how to detect when to use what? No, way to complicated.

I have another suggestion:

Time to fix it then? Because that URL should be working. It’s used for all links which are generated in cron and cli. As per the docs:

Well, I guess I will remove the ServerAlias and put some Redirect for my shorter aliases :smile:


I have this error too on a clean server install. Should I post this to github? The bell with red-dot never goes away and clicking on it says “Failed to perform action” “Problem loading page, reloading in 5 seconds.” Clicking Not now does the same.

This is really my only error. Thanks for the amazing work all.

Well you can run the following SQL query to fix this manually:

DELETE FROM `oc_notifications` WHERE `app` = 'survey_client';

If you still want to help improve nextcloud by providing the information, you can go to /index.php/settings/admin/survey_client and enable the Send "Usage report" monthly checkbox