My Autofill on android is not working

Hi all,

I just started using NC passwords on my android phone. I moved away from lockwise and deinstalled that app. I installed Passwords in my Nextcloud server and I imported all passwords from firefox/lockwise into the Nexcloud app. As far as I can tell it looks good.

However, I can’t seem to get autofill working on my phone. It is enabled and NC passwords is the default app. I don’t know what it should look like though. In firefox and chrome I still get autofill popups but they are empty and I suspect they are from their respective internal autofill functionallity. But maybe this is the NC passwords app and my import was incorrect.

I’m also not sure what should happen if I create a new login on a new site. Should the passwords get stored if I fill them in the app for the first time?

Can someone give me a pointer on
a) what I might be doing wrong
b) what it is supposed look like if it works
c) What is a good first-time testcase to see if NC passwords is working correctly



Hello all,

After a month or so I finally found out what is the problem. So for completeness I update my question with the answer myself. Maybe it will help someone out there.

I discovered this when I switched back to lockwise and found that I had a similar problem there.
The issue is with Xiaomi phones:
Enabling “Display pop-up windows windows while running in the background” in “Other permissions” section solved problem for me. (both for Lockwise as for the Nextcloud Passwords app.

For reference: Unlock button showing but non functional in MIUI 11.0.2 · Issue #1117 · mozilla-lockwise/lockwise-android · GitHub