My Account has been deactivated - how to re-activate

True, I haven’t used NextCloud in a very long time, probably that’s why it’s been deactivated. Now, I would dearly like to reactivate it - how can I do this?
If I try to login, I get the following messages: “Community Version is not supported” and “User deactivated” (translated from German. If I try to re-register, I only get the message, that another user has already registered with this mail address.
Don’t want to change my Mail address and intend to use it more to sync calenders.

Someone please help.


Welcome @JoSNE to the communityforum of NC.

It sounds to me as if you have a kinda account with a 3rd party hoster. Since I don’t know of any limitations for logins if you’d selfhost.

Further “Community Version is not supported”-thing sounds like a 3rd party hoster as well.

So let me tell you if your hoster doesn’t support something like “forgot password” you won’t be able to re-activate your account. But your hoster could tell you what to do in that case. Try and get in contact with them.

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Thanks for the hint, that was the solution after a couple of steps.