Music transcoding

can i hear music on my smartphone with an app.
Thy App transcode the music for an Low Bandwich

I just sync a folder with music on my Android phone. Then you can use any Android Music App to play the music without using bandwidth. Just make sure you only sync when on wifi.

The other option is to use the Music App in Nextcloud. Just make sure you encode the files as small as possible e.g. to 96Kb or even 64Kb MP3 files. That would result in a lower bandwidth (and lower quality sound)

Or just listen to an existing music stream via the Nextcloud Radio App.

No, that’s not what I mean. I would like to know if files saved as .wav can be streamed to my phone as mp3?

With the Music App in the browser on your mobile it is streaming music.

Not sure if whether it converts wav to mp3 or another compressed format on the fly, probably not. Best to save your files as mp3 in the first place if you stream a lot.

Perhaps this thread helps to achieve what you are after: Music apps compatibility with nextcloud

Edit: this may also do what you are after:

There are different programs to transcode music before saving and playing. Just google around.


Transcoding is not currently supported in the ownCloud/Nextcloud Music app. If the support is ever added, it will probably happen so that the cloud admin has to install the FFmpeg command line tool which is then utilized by the Music app for transcoding.