Music sync not found

I’m syncing a music folder from NC to my android phone.

When I open the music app, it doesn’t find those tracks.

What’s happening?

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welcome to the forums of NC.

I’m afraid you didn’t really post enough and valid information(s) to enable someone here to really help you.
Right now a vaild answer to your problem would be: Well all tracks deleted by provider because of bad musical taste. :wink:

If you’d be more specific on all involved systems, maybe there would be more help possible.

OK let me give more details.

My NC app in my phone has configured to use the folder /storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client.

I have one account to my NC server. There, I have a folder with some subfolders of music files.

In the phone, I have used the three-dots menu of that folder and marked it as synced. NC app started downloading all music to the phone:


I use a Samsung phone. The files app shows that files have been downloaded to that folder. Nice.

However, in the music app, no music is found from that folder:

My desire is that music to be playable from the music app. What else needs to be done?


I’m having exactly the same problem. The three options that the nextcloud client offers in my case to store synced files to all seem to be out of reach for “normal” “media” apps.
I wish I could simply specify the location where synced files will go to, simply from a “normal” files dialog…
Thanks for any suggestions!

Ok. I found a folder named "(invalid)“ therein was …media… nextcloud… I deleted the whole tree of invalid and all a sudden the system found my mp3’s…

(Still would like to choose destination though)

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