Music Sheets, Chord Charts - is there anything yet?

Curious if there are any plugins yet for organizing Musician concerns - if someone’s gotten something started, especially if it’s in Python, I’ll just get onboard and add what I need. If not, I’m gonna start something up.

I play guitars and keys and my entire life is littered with chord charts, music sheets, etc. I have attempted to use off-the-shelf products, some free, some paid, and while I can describe what I want very simply - displays of chord charts or sheet music which use the entire screen efficiently for only the information I need - that is not available at any price right now. They all want to CSS a bunch of unnecessary margins and layouts and headers and footers and control icons to the point that you barely get half your screen for yourself.

I’ve been planning to get down to just writing something myself for years now and lately I’m jamming with a pretty talented bunch so I need to get this sorted out, because I spend every single jam taking my hands off the keys so I can scroll a page for SOMEONE. Sometimes me, more often not, but it’s infuriating no matter what because the information could all fit, if all the unnecessary crap would just go away.

Lately I just have made it clear that if we’re gonna just look up a new song, I am going to take the five minutes, right then and there, to do whatever I have to do to get it onto a sheet of paper. This usually involves a ctrl-c from UG’s website, and they insert extra lines there (out of sheer spite, I’m unshakeably convinced) which I then have to clean up, and then reformat lines along with the chord symbols so they fit onto the sheet. But a fairly simple Django app along with one of the various alternative UG frontends out there could reduce all that to a simple self-hosted web page… or Nextcloud plugin that I can just grab a webpage from anywhere as long as i have a browser.

If anyone else has been thinking about this as well, hit me up and let’s work together.

When you post about your dog or cat you’re supposed to also post a pic, so here’s an Unlisted (ie we have no web presence at all and you are not clicking a commercial link, it’s just a band with no name playing a cover tune) youtube video of my current band:

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I would love that! I have a very extensive collection of music we use in church and think it would be awesome to have something like this. I have always thought it would be awesome to have it laid out like SongSelect by CCLI if you are familiar at all. It has a landing page for each piece of music, song with different tabs for information, chords, sheet music, etc. Picture attached.

Hi. I am also interested in this kind of features for Nextcloud. I don’t know if something similar to the Notes app would work (with chord notation options and the like). Any news would be greatly appreciated.