Music Server options

I am still new using nextcloud. I got my own personal server in sync with phone and everything.
I uploaded some music folders and i can play the files on my phone, and the player allows you to leave it playing as a background app so this would be a nice simple cloud music server, but the next song wont play automatically and there are no media features like on any standard music app.

I am looking at options, and i see PLEX but i dont think i am in need of a full server and registering an account with a 3rd party just to play my music.

Do you guys use your nextcloud instances to host and play music files?
I tried setting up KODI on my phone, and connecting via WEBDAV but for some reason the connection is not working, and i find KODI GUI very inconvenient as a music player, i have to rotate my phone sideways and navigate super small menues.

What are you using on your phones?
I need the plain basics… just play music, organize playlists and have volume options.

Thank a lot.

I think there are two music/audioplayers in the appstore. Not sure if both do stream files or if they support playlists. Please check their documentation, see what suits you best and ask in this context (their app-section in the forum).

I found the CloudBeats app to be the same as SoundCloud and you can connect a nexcloud instance to it.
My only suggestion is you create a separate standard account in your nextcloud, just for the music , with a unique password just in case there are 3rd parties getting into the CloudBeats systems and accessing your private stuff.