Music Not Change over to the next

Hello everyone; first and for most I love Nextcloud and will be a sold use for life. In the Music app when I select a song and push the change to the next song auto button it doesn’t work. Also, the artist album covers are extra large is there a way to shrink them down some. I know everything is still in the works. Just want you to know I use and I don’t want to lose it.

Great job with this project…

Earnest L. Redwood

If you mean that the playback does not jump to next album with “Next” button after reaching the end of current album, then this is currently by design: whenever you click a track in the Albums view, you actually set the “play scope” to be the album of that track. The player plays all the tracks of that album and then stops. Or if you click an artist name, then the play scope will be all the albums of that artist. The behavior probably makes more sense if you think what the “Repeat” and “Shuffle” modes of the player do: they need some scope where the shuffling or repeating happens.

This, however, will be slightly changed for the next release of the Music app. I assume that this release will be out still during August. In the new release, clicking a track sets the play scope to be the whole library. Hence, you can use the “Next” button to jump to the next album and to the next artist, too. Also the shuffling will then happen over the whole library. The old behavior of setting the play scope to be an individual album can still be reached by clicking the album title or cover art.

Well, you can use the zoom option of your browser :D. Also, if your browser window is very narrow (like on mobile phone), the layout is changed to one with much smaller cover images. But seriously, this is a design choice and I currently see no reason to change it. Making the cover image size a user-configurable option would be too complicated to make it worth it.

The release v0.9.0 referred above is now out!

Thank you.