Music App not showing shared external drive files


As recommended in one of the posts, i’ve mounted my music storage as external drive as admin user and shared read-only to all group. I’m able to see/listen from first browser menu but cannot see as a library under music tab. I’ve selected and unselected re-share option both no luck.
Expected behaviour to see all music libraries so can create playlists as a user after a library scan however this only works for me as an admin user.


I don’t understand your issue. Could you please provide a screenshot that illustrates the issue?

First one is admin menu where i show how it is shared (read only to certain group named aile)
In second picture i can browse music files from file browser and able to play when i click on any song.
Third one is dedicated music link that is only showing user uploaded music but not the shared internally ones.

i’d like to see shared music library under music tab but shows only 2 songs that user manually uploaded.

As you can see at the bottom of screen, user is able to play from file browser menu but those songs dont appear from music tab in previous screenshots. I’ve manually selected shared folder from settings but still no luck this time root folder changed to shared folder directly but can’t see any songs and not asking me a library update.

I’ve shared music folder directly instead of group sharing result is same.

I manually entered library path which i can see all shared folders. But when i go back to music app it says no music found try to add some…

I’ve tested audio player instead of music app, result is same. It looks like related with core but not modules.
Mount NFS shared drive with re-shareable option as admin,from admin menu share with users (and or) groups, users can browse appearing newly created shared folder with read-only permission but either music or audio player doesn’t pick location as audio folder. Therefore library comes empty. Basically all i wanted to share my music files within family members while doing that i wanted to ensure they should have read-only access to prevent accidental deletions.