Music app not justifying/displaying correctly

Hello good people,

I’m a pretty novice linux/nextcloud administrator, mainly using it for myself. However I have come to rely on it as it is an absolutely awesome thing, so firstly, thank you!

So most errors I have had have always been to do with my config in some way, however this one has foxed me.

Has anyone else, after upgrading to hub3, encountered a problem with viewing the right hand music side of the display? All other apps display perfectly.

It exhibits this behaviour across all machines and all browsers.

If you drag the browser in to make the window smaller, the music appears, but the right hand letters no longer take you to the desired portion of the alphabet - yet if you click on a song it plays fine so it seems to be only a display issue.

Is there a config parameter that I should set somewhere?

Thanks in advance,


If you are already on 25 you should expect bugs. It is not yet stable.

Yes, you are most likely correct. Which is reassuring! Thank you for the reply.

Might be another topic possibly, but another bug seems to be the ‘authentication required’ confirm button is permanently greyed out and so I can’t change anything that needs it. Hmm.

I suppose I should wait for the next release though, hold my tongue until then!

Thanks again.

You can report music app bugs to the maintainer, but Check to make sure they might already be there.

Ah cool, thanks!

This is now fixed in Music v1.7.0.

Hey Pauli, I’ve been looking at the update already - works very well indeed. Thank you!

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