Multiple users on a calendar

Running NC 12.0.2 on my home server and would like to have it set up so others in group can also share and edit the calendar app. Is this possible? If so, how as it it not at all apparent to me.

A similar question was put forth regarding a group calendar on NC11.0.2 but doesn’t appear that it was answered.

you can share the calendar but I don’t know if other people can edit that.


I’m using 12.0.2 too and sharing the calendar works both read-only and read-write.

Other users, if the calendar is shared in read-write, can add/delete/change appointments from GUI and caldav ( for us Android phones),…

I have no idea about 11.0.2.


ps. If you’re wondering how you can do it… On the calendar click on the share icon and type the user/group name. Then click on it and you’re sharing in read only. If you want check also “can edit” and users can also write (add/change/delete) everything in the shared calendar.