Multiple Storage


I am interested in Nextcloud.
But I have an interesting question.

I have 5 servers, 1 Server for front end, 4 server for server storage.

so the topology is like this.

Nextcloud server is only used for front-end, users who upload files will not enter on the front-end server.

Then each user uploads an automatic file between one storage server.

How to? I still don’t understand. thank you

If you do not use the front end (Web, WebDAV, …) from Nextcloud for uploads you must after upload re-scan the directorys. Perhaps with cron every hour.

What is your goal. What is with the uploaded files?
Perhaps Nextcloud is not the correct software for you.
Perhaps you better use browsing through filesystems or an ftp-server.

Perhaps there is also a problem with multiple storage.

hello sir,

I want to like Google Drive for example.

I uploaded the file on the Google drive.
but when I download it, the file is not on Google Drive, but on other storage servers.

How about setting up an iSCSI target on each storage server, and then setting up a RAID-10 volume from those, and placing the Nextcloud data folder on it?

I still don’t understand you guys,

I want to place local storage on server storage 1-4 not on the front end.

Ok, you’ll have to explain more clearly. What do you mean by: “place local storage on server storage 1-4 not on the front end” ? Do you mean place data stored in Nextcloud on these 4 servers? What I just suggested would do that.

yes sir, data on storage server 1-4, automatic user if upload or download file on app nextcloud, instance nextcloud not have file, but file location on any server 1-4

So as I said, if you:

  1. Set up an iSCSI target on each of the 4 servers
  2. Connect all 4 targets from an initiator on the Nextcloud server
  3. Set up software RAID using the iSCSI devices
  4. Put your Nextcloud data directory on the iSCSI RAID device

… then the data would be stored on the 4 backend servers, and also be fault tolerant.

i have follow your tutorial, but i have problem on step 2.
i cant’t connect more than 1 target. i test 2 target and error.
if i am connect storage 1 success
if i am connect storage 2 iscsiadm status error login failure.

help, how to tutorial connect more than 1 target? for server storage 1 for server storage 2
for user auth and password same

i have added on /etc/iscsi/iniatorname.isci and text this

what is problem? please help? correction if i wrong

I’m not sure, but it’s definitely a configuration issue because you can connect many targets at once. I do it all the time on VMware ESXi and Windows.

If you’re getting login failure, the problem could be on server 2.