Multiple servers, single data

Is it possible to run multiple nextcloud servers that use the same database and same data storage?


Yes, check this out: Help needed to setup a NC14 cluster

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Excellent! Thanks!

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The nextcloud client allows for adding multiple servers. Why doesn’t this accomplish the same thing w/o all the hassle? Am I missing something? Reason I ask is, I just stood up a second instance in AWS (free tier for 1 year) to try it out, and added that to my NC desktop client…so when I can’t hit my local NC (192.168.x.x), the public AWS instance keeps me covered. Both instances are pointed to the same local folder on my laptop.

So how then you can reach your


Is AWS cached or synced your data? Because if you can’t reach your server how AWS can?

The architecture here is focused on a large solutions with DB replication and Load balancing.

what i understood:

one laptop. nc client.
one home server. nc server 1.
one aws server. nc server 2.

laptop nc client has two server configured. but only one local folder.

so if a document on the laptop is changed it will be sync to both server.

@Bugs correct? (if not -> :wink: )

Roger, Reiner!

Wondering why this couldn’t scale for a larger solution. I’m just setting up for me and a couple of family members, who aren’t, e.g. trying to potentially edit the same document in real time, et. al. So - works for just being home or at work or the occasional public wifi.

two person. same document.
person a syncs to nc1 first and than to nc2.
person b syncs to nc2 first and than to nc1.
after person a finished first sync nc1 will start to sync the document to person b.

don’t know if that won’t result in inconsistent documents.

p.s.: on aws you scale with Aurora RDS, ElastiCache, EFS and EKS cluster. :wink: might not be in your free tier contingent. but it scales.