Multiple Nextcloud sites using one Collabora server

hello, i have two Nextcloud servers and one Collabora server. i’d like to get the second (new) NC server using the original Collabora server.

I’ve edited coolwsd.xml and changed alias_groups mode to “groups” then i added another section with the second server.

what other changes do i need to make for this new NC server to utilize the same Collabora? right now docs aren’t loading but if i switch to the built-in CODE instance it works fine.

hello @Payfrit you better ask the question at Collabora forum.

We know this work at specific circumstances

as long you don’t show your config and issues you hit nothing more to say

here, this is a production server so i don’t think i’m divulging any secrets! :slight_smile:

the Collabora server works just fine. works great with the primary NC instance also.

secondary NC instance works great with it’s own built in CODE server. i can point secondary NC instance to Collabora server in settings and it sees it just fine (with or without port or SSL check, everything has working https).

but the secondary instance won’t “use” the Collabora instance, it just spins then fails when i try to create/load a document.

btw to clarify, these are all bare metal installs, no docker. Ubuntu 22.04.

You will find troubleshooting steps in this guide:

Nextcloud Collabora integration

your link immediately solved the issue with no reading even necessary!

once i saw the graphic that showed the traffic going back and forth from the collabora/NC servers, i instantly realized i needed to add the collabora IP address to the allow list for WOPI requests on my NC installation.

thank you!!

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