Multiple Nextcloud instances on Docker?

Is it possible to run multiple instances of Nextcloud on one machine with Docker? I’m a complete Docker newbie.

I am about to install NC on a Synology NAS with Docker using a mix of these intructions / tutorial and also these other ones and I’m wondering if I would be able to have two different instances running at the same time. Each would need to be accessible with its own IP address in my LAN so that I can configure the reverse proxy on the NAS to route traffic to the correct instance.

Thanks for any guidance.

Yes. You can run any number of instances behind a reverse proxy. Depending on your network configuration, you may need to make sure they have unique ports.

it is definitely possible. I would recommend you to use different public hostnames e.g.

  • mycloud.tld
  • test-cloud.tld
  • mypartents-cloud.tld

and duplicate important infrastructure like DB and redis for every instance. you can share heavy applications like collabora and coturn if you use them…

The approach gives you a chance to separate the instances and have a way to test things without touching your production…

my setup with docker-compose looks like this


  • nc.mydomain.tld
  • dev-nc,mydomain.tld

are separate docker-compose files (identical besides hostnames and RAM) located in different folders. other containers like traefik (reverse proxy), dns, collabora and coturn run in separated docker-compose applications…

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