Multiple feature requests

We have recently installed OC9. Although this install is workable for our companies need, we would to see these feature enhancements.

  • Show deleted files for all users that are in the same group. So not just the folders owner and the one who has deleted the file/folder.
  • Native support for 2-way authentication for added security. Like Google Authenticator.
  • Separate admin interface so access to the admin pages can be limited to local/ip-based access.
  • The ability to sync conflict files.

This said, I’m looking forward to try out Nextcloud.

We will definitely have that before the end of this year.

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I think if you delete your files, only you should see them in the trash bin. I think the use case is too specific, but I don’t know which this is a function which is maybe already implemented in the Enterprise Edition :grin: @LukasReschke

This will be part of 9.1 :wink: - so stay tuned :slight_smile:

The admin interface will get additional security with 2-factor auth. …I don’t know whether this is needed and realizable @LukasReschke