Multiple Desktop Clients/one user simultaneously connected?


regarding Desktop Sync Client: Is it save to use one Nextcloud account (on one server) on multiple client systems (Desktop-PCs, Notebooks, …), running the Nextcloud Desktop Client syncronizing data to the same server at the same time?

I.e. working on a Desktop-PC and switching on a Notebook to do some other work while being connected with the same Nextcloud user to the same Nextcloud server with both client systems simultaneously?!

Thanx for your support & kind regards,

Yes, that is the purpose of the client. That you can work on multiple devices and it keeps all the data in sync.

Only think a bit tricky is when you edit files at the same time and save changes before the changes of the other client were considered. In such a case, there are conflict files created in a folder (your version becomes a “conflict” version if someone else saved changes before you did). Then you need to figure out how to merge these changes. So for heavy parallel editing, it is probably better to use online editing tools directly in the browser, text editor or office solutions).