Multilpe users to share shared storage space

Not sure of i am in teh rite group so apologies if im not. I ned help please on how to share out storage space on NC with multiple users using the same storage space.

e.g. client has 5TB of space (storage size irrelavent btw) and he wants multiple users to access that storage space with there own individual logins.
Can this be done and if so how do i do it please.

So i could have say 10 users logging in with there own login ID but sharing a 5TB cloud storage solution on NC.

If I did catch it correctly, you have 1 user that have 5TB+ Account and he wants to share this space with other users, then just share folder from this Big User to others and they will consume storage from the Big User.
Or, better check solution with Group folders:

Thankyou so much for getting back to me will test it out …

Tried it sadly not working for me, even if i try to move or upload a file into that folder regardless of user account it says access denied.

Will try again later maybe im missing something. I used the link you sent in your message it seemd straight forward enough to follow.

Then you need to provide a bit more info, like Operationg System, NC version, config, etc.

Is this already user in Nextcloud with 5TB quota, or you means HDD/Storage 5TB? In this case it could be that you need to check OC level user permissions.