Multi site in one instance

i have one NC version 21 and the local ip adress (example)
in turst domain i rite 2 site :

my request is i connect 2 groups with active directory plugin (php-ldap ) in my server but i need i group A import from AD01 access to
group B import from AD01 access to

souds like 2 instanst use from 1 database

I do not know if it is a good idea trying to devide internal and external access through one nextcloud but with two server-names and two ADs. The user can also exchange data between intern and extern. That could be a security risk, too.

I only know this documentation

maybe you can better describe your business need? for me it sounds a little like you try lock some data (e.g. DEV) or maybe install multi-tenant system…

In first case you might use Flow for second case I would recommend 2 separated systems - at least logical separation like different VM or docker containers…

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