Multi Nextcloud Instances single server single IP

Want to install Nextcloud 16 on CentOS 8 with Apache and LAMP. Here is the catch. Only 1 server, 1 interface with multiple DB’s and multiple Nextcloud instances. I managed it on CentOS7 with Apache and SSL.
Who is up for collaborating on this one?

Would you like to Colab on this problem?

Set up the apache with multiple virtual hosts and assign subdomains to them, like

Each NC instance can run in its own directory like

and can have its own configuration and database. Also the data directory can (and should) be set up separately:

Works fine for me, with three clouds on one server, beside some wordpress instances and other stuff.

eehmke - that is exactly what I did in CentOS7, but in CentOS8 with LAMP it is a different story all together, as LAMP manages the Web Instances and not via the httpd.conf like in previous instances.

Can’t you set up the instances manually? In Debian, I have a directory /etc/sites-available/ where I can put in config files for the different virtual hosts, so I have not to touch the global httpd.conf file.

That is what I did on CentOS7, hit me up and I will send you the install protocol text file.

Like I said on CentOS8 things are a bit more hairy.

Ok I can’t help you with CentOS.

No worries, thanks for the assist. :slight_smile:

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