MS transfer to NC Hub

Hi Folks!

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Some articles about whos using Next Cloud Hub has awaken my interests in it. actually we using Microsoft 365 on five Desktops in our office.
I am looking for service to transfer from microsoft to nextcloud. Only Outlook must be used further till a replacement on Next Cloud will be avalable.
An Supporter must include a ongoing support.
Our non goverment organisation takes action in supporting people without jobs and additional riski social situations. Beside we help people in different difficult situations in communication with different institutions of the local goverment. For example the welfare office or the unemployment office.
So we need support where including all kind of datasecurity rights.
At the end i will replace all microsoft systems wiht linux. In the next week i start a chalange to start linux from a stick as checkup on my workspace.
So, folks, until yet i’ve don’t found any service or support with skills alike for this adventure. If you are the one who has it all or you have an idea, you’re welcome.
We located in Paderborn. Feel free to send me a sign.


Sorry i can not help you with transfer from Microsoft to Nextcloud. But I would like to give you some ideas that are really not expensive but will help you regarding the introduction of Nextcloud and Linux.

Buy a test Managed Nextcloud:
You can get a Managed Nextcloud for test for e.g. only 5 euros a month e.g. Hetzner Storage Share. Buy a Nextcloud and give them to your employees for private purposes. Use them also for test data. Try out a few things in the Nextcloud. Recognize the limits of Nextcloud also in relation to Microsoft 365.

Own hardware for Linux:
The main reason why Linux does not catch on is that people are not prepared to invest as much as they do in Windows. Linux has nothing to do with low cost. It has to do with freedom. Buy your own hardware for Linux (possibly used). Alternatively install a real Linux on your current hardware and run your old Windows from a stick or in a virtual environment. Then you will see the true benefits of Linux.

Linux test hardware for all users:
Which Linux do you want to use? Maybe you should also provide all users with a test system in the coffee corner. :coffee: