MS Office Online Server licensing

Does anyone know what the licensing requirements are for Microsoft Office Online Server ?

So far all that I found is that you can download it, install it and run it free of charge but that can’t be right (?). There’s no fee at all for using this product in a commercial setting ?

Perhaps this is the correct answer. Please read also the following posts in the thread.
Sorry i do not use Microsoft Office.

you sure that you’re on the right forum? As your question has absolutely nothing to do with Nextcloud - the forum where you are just posting.

Maybe you want to ask this question in any of the several microsoft-forums worldwide or directly at a ms-stuff-vendor?

@JimmyKater @gtech1
I think if Nextcloud program an interface to a commercial software it would be nice to find a hint or link to the needed license on the website from Nextcloud.


no. absoultely not.
NC delivers a tool for ppl with an existing MS Office Online-Server licence to be able to connect to NC.

By all other means NC and it’s concept is the complete opposite of what MS and their concepts stand for. So no… any further information is needed about how to get your own copy of some MS/BS-code

Yes. But it it think it is only a link to a Microsoft Website.

Yes and no. Have you seen the Nextcloud Conference and the talks from Frank to free and commercial software?


nope - what was the point there?

I would be really suprised to find any difference to what I was saying above.


Microsoft Office 365 vs. Nextcloud. Functions in Nextcloud to use OneDrive, Sharepoint, Online Office. (only few minutes, link start at correct position):


OK, thanks for sharing this part of the conference…
But why?

Frank exactly says what I was saying. They don’t encourage ppl to buy a licence but sometimes someone needs to collaborate with ppl who are forced to use existing MS-licences… (because of their evironment which was installed by their company or whatever).
Frank repeatedly strongly recommended using Open Source software and thus Nextcloud. Because they are competitors on the same market.

What was your summary of the things he said?

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Summary is that Nextcloud does not really like it but support it. A hint to license of O365 would be nice.

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@devnull ummm. no… they don’t really support MS-products. They just adopt to reality where MS-products are used very often. And thus they connect to MS-products.

No hint to any licence necessary. It’s none of NC’s interest. Why should ppl spend money on something they don’t really need? try to see it from NC’s side.

I’m sorry if this was not the right forum. I just thought that other people that implemented this feature could give me an insight into how the licensing went.

The MS License page for Office, available at this page says:

> External users don’t need an Office suite license to view or edit Office documents on an Internet browser. Primary users of an Office licensed device with active Software Assurance may also access Office Online*** service to view and edit Office documents**
**> **
**> External users are those users that are neither your or your affiliates’ employees, nor your or your affiliates’ on-site contractors or on-site agents.

MS Office Online Server can’t be licensed separately, it’s part of a VL (volume license) agreement

Meaning, it’s limited to bigger companies/institutions running their own KMS servers, etc.

That’s the official line. The unofficial is a bit different but not a topic for this forum…

I have access to VLSC but we don’t have a KMS server nor another Office instance, etc. I was able to download the software but I just want to make sure I’m not breaking any laws here.

It seems I am just able to fire it up and use it but I don’t want to leave this to chance.

I was hoping that other users of NC could shed some light on how they got it connected, from a license point of view

If you have access to it (can download), can install and make it work without “workarounds” - you are entitled to have and use it…

And the document you linked to above proves there are no CALs for OOS…

That’s what I understand as well, I’ll try and reach out to them again as well and find out. It just seems too good to be true ( aka, un-Microsoft like :slight_smile:

Not to mention that there could be a difference between free-to-use ( view & edit ) vs free-to-profit-from which might still be restricted somehow

I don’t think Microsoft stopped being evil, they just acquired designer sheep clothing…

The threat of OnlyOffice & Co. is real, especially in the European market that is much more hostile to the FAAGs today. Hence, their “charitable” looking policies…

Once again I apologize if this is going so off-topic - maybe a Mod can move this to a general discussion area ?

Can you elaborate a bit about OnlyOffice ? They were another alternative we were contemplating but found their claim to be ‘more compatible with the Office format’ than Microsoft, a bit dubious.

OnlyOffice has a checkered history with Nextcloud…
A few days after NC introduced the “built-in” version of it, OnlyOffice removed editing abilities.
People find ways to pull the source files and recompile… OnlyOffice is trying to prevent it…

I believe OnlyOffice has one advantage over other office packages - it’s HTML5-based and pushes the rendering job to the users’ browsers… Makes scaling much less resource-demanding…

I can’t comment on “more compatible” claims…