MS Office Online Server as document editor in Nextcloud

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With today’s release of the Office Online Integration app, enterprises can use a self-hosted Microsoft Office Online Server to view and edit documents from within Nextcloud. This enables companies to operate an Office environment on a private, secure server with a familiar user interface and full compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.

About Office Online Server

As Microsoft explains in their documentation:

Office Online Server is an Office server product that provides browser-based file viewing and editing services for Office files. Office Online Server works with products and services that support WOPI, the Web app Open Platform Interface protocol.

Office Online Server includes Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. Office Online Server runs on dedicated servers or a virtual machine, and thus fits in a on-premises environment with Nextcloud.

Collaborative editing is supported, allowing multiple users to work together in the same document, seeing what the other users are doing.


From within Nextcloud, Office Online Server is well integrated like our other online office solutions, allowing users to directly view and edit documents without having to open other tabs or windows. Our sidebar is available so users can comment, share, see previous versions and even chat during editing. They can also drop a office document in a Talk chat room and edit it with the other participants during a call.


The Office Online Server option allows enterprises to migrate users from cloud services or locally installed office applications to a web based work flow, fully on-premises and under control of the IT department. Users get the interface they are familiar with, and great document compatibility.

Administrators can install the app and get started now.


Great news, thanks!
What are the limitations? how many users are allowed per sever?

Super super nice ! Just implemented it and it works fine ! Great work !

Just saw a first flaw : opening .txt files gives the error Exception: Could not find urlsrc in WOPI

Only when opening .txt files?
I get the same error when trying to create a new docx/xlsx/pptx file…

Oh, nice. Now if I just had a license.

Got as confused as me about all the MS Office offerings, what is free, what requires license, what is cloud/office 365 etc.
I found this link useful (has ads):

Please report bugs to

Actually it’s really buggy on new created files… Once my server started to clear some cache the problems started to arise :

  • .txt file can’t be opened (no problems with .md)
  • No more icons next to the office documents in the " + " menu
  • Newly created files can’t be opened “Unable to open file”

Editing existing documents seems to work.

Thanks RdedR, the link suggest to download the Microsoft Web App server, but you need a subscription to the Volume Licensing Service Center

Maybe there is another way to download the server? Thanks for help

@Matteo_Marcato These are the ways to obtain MS Office Online server (which is successor of the web server) as per Microsoft:

Office Online Server can be downloaded from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). Office Online Server is a component of Office; therefore, it will be shown under each of the Office product pages including Office Standard 2016, Office Professional Plus 2016, and Office 2016 for Mac Standard.

For customers whose licenses qualfiy for OOS, but cannot obtain it through the VLSC, the following actions are possible:

  • VL Open customers can contact their Support Center.
  • Customers who purchased O365 online from Microsoft can submit a request from their Office 365 admin center or contact support.

No free downloads unless you already paid for another license.


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Hello @RdedR,

Thank you for this information. So I would need to purchase an Office 365 subscription in order to be able to download the Office Online Server? any idea what version of Office 365 I would need to purchase from Microsoft to make this available for me?

We’re a small office of 5 people that use Nextcloud.

Thank you.

Hi @greavette Best to contact your local Microsoft reseller and check with them. I’m reading from the website information that an Office 365 license would enable the download for Office Online Server but I haven’t tried that route myself. There might be other limitations.

hi @greavette if you do get information from your reseller would be great if you could share!