MS Office Lock-File (owner file) behavior differs between Netdrive and Synced-Folders

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Nextcloud 12.0.3
All Clients: Windows 7

I have a strange behavior of MS Word/Office/Visio when opening files that are already opend by another User.

Situation A (working as intended):

  • test.doc file located on a network drive x:
  • User A opens test.doc with MS Word 2010
  • a hidden lock-file (owner file) is createt named ~$test.doc
  • User B can open that lock-file in Nodepad++ and read User A’s username
  • User B opens test.doc and get a message, that the file is already in use by User A

Situation B (not working):

  • test.doc file is located in a folder which gets synced by the Nextcloud Sync-Client
  • Sync-Clinet is configured to sync hidden files
  • snyc-exclude.lst is altered to sync MS Office lock-files (owner-files)
  • User A opens test.doc file with MS Word 2010
  • a hidden lock-file (owner file) is createt named ~$test.doc
  • the lock-file gets synced over to User B’s Nextcloud Sync-Folder
  • User B can open that lock-file in Nodepad++ and read User A’s username
  • User B opens test.doc, NO “already in use” message is shown
  • Both users can edit and save the document

I really don’t understand why Word recognises the lock-file in situation A and ignores the file in situation B.
I must use the nextcloud sync-client and i also need to make sure, that file locking works. Collabora is no option.
Does anyone have a hint or solution for this problem, or can explain why office behaves like that?

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we are observing the exact same situation. Are there any hints out there?

Kind regards!

well…i kind of “fixed” it myself.
I wrote a wrapper in .NET that checks for office lock-files. This tool is now the standard application for Word/Excel/Visio files.

  • enable sync for hidden files in nextcloud sync client
  • remove the “~$” line out of the sync-exclude.lst (in nextcloud install flder)

Then the office hidden lock-files get synced. It takes about 5-15 seconds to get this file synce between all users
Write a wrapper that checks for those hidden files. The naming is pretty messed up by microsoft and is like follows:


  • file12.docx (length <=6 characters): lock file name is: ~$file12.docx
  • file123.docx (length = 7 characters): lock file name is: ~$ile123.docx (first char gets stripped off)
  • file123456.docx (length >=8 characters): lock file name is: ~$le123456 (first two chars get stripped off)

naming for .docx and .doc are identical…


  • file12345678.xlsx: lock file name is ~$file1234567 (identical for all filename length)

Old .xls lock-files do not work. they are stored in windows temp folder under cryptic name!


  • file12345678.vsd: lock file name is ~$$file12345678.~vsd (double $ and ~ in suffix)



sounds great. Would you like to make it pulic available?

Sorry that this took me so long. I completely forgot about it.
So, for everyone who is interested in my little wrapper, I set up an Github repository:

It’s under MIT Licence, so feel free to do what ever you like with it. If you make it better, please share it with the community.